About Us


What We Do

We work with senior leadership and their teams to:

  • rethink the coming landscape,
  • rewrite the business war plan,
  • rework go-to-market strategies,
  • redo the organizational structure itself,
  • identify emerging opportunities and hidden organizational assets (as well as blind spots),
  • draw out new leaders and change agents.


We target companies who desire to thrive even in these uncertain times and have the organizational will to change, lead and reshape their industries.

Using well-tested methods to derive new and often daring outcomes, we get teams to coalesce and galvanize around a unified path forward that is right for the organization, product set and
marketplace because we...

  • ask the tough questions,
  • dine on the sacred cows,
  • test every assumption,
  • push all the hot buttons.

We keep driving management teams until you reach a common vision and a shared plan of action that can excite and motivate the entire company.