Tom Hayes

With a 25-year career in Silicon Valley, Tom Hayes has run the full circuit. He worked in the chip business for AMD, the computer business at HP and was vice president of corporate marketing at the network software company, Enea. But he is best known for his role as vice president of Applied Materials, where his marketing strategies helped transform a once-little-known chip-equipment company into a $10 billion powerhouse and a NASDAQ darling.

Along the way, Hayes was also the founding chairman and CEO of Joint Venture: Silicon Valley, a public-private partnership that revitalized the Valley’s sagging economy in the 1990s. In a feature story on him, Fast Company magazine called Hayes “A Model Citizen for the 21st Century” for his many efforts to increase charitable giving among high tech companies. He and his work have been featured in everything from the New York Times and Wall Street Journal to Rolling Stone and Maxim magazines. Hayes graduated from Boston University and did post-graduate work at Stanford University and the Harvard Business School.