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image1 a leader, these problems sound familiar.

  • Market dynamics are causing you to question whether to redefine your company’s underlying mission.
  • You are looking for a breakthrough in performance, not just incremental improvements.
  • Sales targets are consistently missed.
  • Failure to fulfill goals and objectives exist throughout your organization.
  • Project teams are not meeting key milestones and projects are falling behind or failing. 
  • Managers are not aligned on goals and objectives and do not effectively resolve their differences. 
  • Accountability is not a part of your culture.
  • Teams are operating in “functional silos.
  • Technically competent executives and managers are ineffective in building high-performance teams.
  • Customer satisfaction is low or declining.
  • Your developers focus on “technical elegance” vs solutions to customer problems.

Our Services

Interim/part time executives


  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Human Resources

Business Strategy development


  • Elimination of internal barriers to innovative strategies
  • Mission, values, and vision
  • Clear short term and longer-term goals
  • Development of key strategies to achieve goals  
    • Product
    • Go-to-market
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Pricing
    • Manufacturing

Strategy Execution


  • Organizational alignment and focus
  • Clear, realistic plans for achieving goals
  • Identification of who is accountable for what
  • Rigorous resource allocation
  • What matters most, and how to measure it
  • Integration into operations
  • Disciplined performance monitoring
  • Culture of accountability 



  • Market Research
  • Deep strategic insights into markets & customers
  • Competitive analysis and Value proposition development
  • Demand generation
  • Product marketing strategy
  • Product management strategy
  • Digital marketing, social media, and community development strategies
  • Partners and alliance strategy
  • Channel programs



  • Sales process selection and training
  • Solution selling
  • New hire onboarding
  • Presentations and collateral materials 
  • Use of SFA or CRM to track performance and provide forecasts 

Human Capital


  • Workforce planning 
  • Executive coaching
  • Performance plans that align with business strategy
  • Capability assessment and planning
  • Team building
  • Developing emerging leaders

Project Management


  • Clear articulation of measurable project objective
  • Management of cross-functional team to define deliverables and accountabilities
  • Leadership of meetings and status reporting out
  • On-time deliverables

Merger and Acquisition


  • Target identification
  • Identification of cost savings
  • Development of integration plans