Our mission

TJG’s mission is to help organizations achieve the four business objectives that matter:

  1. Sales Growth
  2. Market Share Gain
  3. Profit Maximization
  4. Industry leadership

We begin by making a distinction between change and transformation. We don’t spend a lot of time holding hands or handing out binders. Instead, we help company leaders get real focused real fast on the metrics that matter and actions that will make an immediate difference.

Ours are not feel good sessions for the spiritually challenged or the organizationally ambivalent: our aim is to get the bus where it needs to go. Our sessions and Socratic process identify only what will make a difference, who should take ownership, and how the results will be measured and reported.

Along the way we help leaders red flag the obstacles to success— internal and external— and we help teams focus on early wins that build momentum.

After that, we leave.