Helping companies shake free of their self-imposed shackles, adopt dynamic new business models, and raise their game in a swiftly changing world.

If it works, it's obsolete.

-Marshall McLuhan

Media visionary Marshall McLuhan said that 30 years ago and it is an idea that certainly captures these changing times. The translation: what made us a success won’t keep us successful going forward; what got us here won’t get us there.  Over the next turbulent months, some organizations will heed that message. Others will not. When the dust settles on this economic transformation, in each market segment a small group of leaders will emerge—not necessarily the incumbent leaders (in fact, probably not)—and a new phase of growth and opportunity will be launched into the next decade.

At the Jamison Group we are helping the next leaders emerge from these difficult times. We believe that true organizational change can be painful, always powerful, and ultimately positive. That’s the driving impetus behind all we do.

Get to know us better, and we promise you will get to know yourselves better.

The Jamison Group is an ensemble of world-tested executives who help organizations prepare for uncertainty and win in spite of. We work with senior leadership and their teams.



At The Jamison Group, doing our homework and listening to you helps to ensure we waste no time in understanding your issues and getting to the heart of a solution. 

Our approach is to:

    Ask what matters.
    Do what counts.
    Measure everything.

Our Services

We draw upon our experience in strategic planning, marketing, human capital management and finance

The Jamison Group principals work individually or in teams as needed to offer a broad range of services that effectively solve key business problems for organizations in both the public and private sectors. We take the time to understand your unique challenges in achieving your goals and objectives and reach a shared vision of the solution with you before recommending the Jamison Group resources that will most effectively and efficiently dismantle your barriers to success.

Whether you are a startup or an established organization, we will work with you to create breakthrough solutions.

Our services