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…as a leader, these problems sound familiar:

  • Market dynamics are causing you to question whether to redefine your company’s underlying mission.
  • You are looking for a breakthrough in performance, not just incremental improvements.
  • Your continued success requires a new articulation of the company’s markets, customers, products and services.
  • Sales targets are consistently missed.
  • Failure to fulfill goals and objectives exist throughout your organization
  • Project teams are not meeting key milestones and projects are falling behind or failing.
  • Managers are not aligned on goals and objectives and do not effectively resolve their differences.
  • Accountability is not a part of your culture
  • Teams are operating in “functional silos
  • Technically competent executives and managers are ineffective in building high-performance teams.
  • Customer satisfaction is low or declining.
  • Your developers focus on “technical elegance” vs solutions to customer problems.