Social Media and Organizational Innovation

Much has been made of the profound effect of the “tipping point” phenomenon, the point at which a trend catches fire – spreading exponentially through the population. The idea suggests that, for good or bad, change can be promoted rather easily in a social system through a domino effect. The tipping point idea finds its origins in diffusion theory, which is a set of generalizations regarding the typical spread of innovations within a social system.

Become a Learning Organization by Making Use of Social Media Networks As an Integral Part of Your Business' Culture.

While it is fairly obvious that Social media can go hand in hand with Public Relations and Marketing. Teams in both of these areas need to be closely aligned to help ensure success and avoid costly missteps. The challenge is for executives is to devise a strategy for  generating smooth interplay between these two groups? 

Goal Alignment -- The Key to Effective Execution!

Between multiple departments and hundreds, perhaps even thousands of employees, what is the simplest practice you can put in place to maximize your profitability? Implementing effective goal alignment throughout your organization in support of a well-defined strategy is one of the most important things you can do.

There are many reasons to implement goal alignment, but let’s focus on those with the greatest business impact:

_ Improves and accelerates operational execution

_ Increases employee morale and improves retention

Is Your Business Afflicted with “Hand to Mouth Disease?”

In This Economy, It's Survival of the Fastest: Resilience is the Key!

(It’s Not About whether You Fall down; It’s About How Fast You Get Up and Get to the Finish Line.) 

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