10 Leadership Practices to Stop Today

If you want to be the best in your industry, you will have to get rid of your out dated management style...

The Impact of Corporate Culture on Social Responsibility

Are You Acting As a Mentor or a Coach in Your Organization?

As a basketball fan, I’ve been thinking during this off-season about how coaching accounts for much of a team’s performance level. As I thought about it more I came to the realization that coaching is actually a subset of mentoring and that when short-term performance is what you need to drive, a manager needs to think and act like a coach. The players’ talent is obviously very important, but good coaches exploit that talent. It’s the same in any sport — and in business.

New Thinking About Company Culture and Corporate Leadership

A review of recent literature on executive recruiting suggests a number of important trends and offers many useful insights on the new twists, turns and grades in the road to the top.

Solving the Strategic Business Plan Execution Conundrum

You see it everywhere in the media right now – “Business execution leads to greater success”. How can you create the foundation for strategic business plan execution that moves your organization from “strategizing” to “executing" with impeccability!?

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